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Jun 1, 2010


Are you feeling you are hoarding too many things but have too little space to keep them? Are your cupboards overflowing, and your stuff slowly invading every corner of your home? You are not alone, considering that apartments are getting smaller by the day. Below are some effective ways we like to use to create space within a current apartment and add to the existing storage facilities for our clients.

- When floor space is scarce, it is a wise idea to think upwards. Build or add storage right to the ceiling to make use of the height of the space.

- Think multi-functional. Innovative furniture ideas will help you find additional spaces to keep those things you may have collected over the years. Invest in beds with bottom storage, buy tables with drawers and use chests as center tables etc.

- Most people wouldn't think of the hallway as a storage area. Hallways are often thought of as a waste of space but they are necessary since they connect all the rooms. They can be utilized by leaving a clear walking passage and the rest of the space fitted with tall cabinets or bookcases. If these are left open, the shelves can be tastefully arranged with books or decorative pieces.

- If the ceilings are high enough, you can also think of making a loft with a wooden framework. The additional space is definitely a boon!


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