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Aug 7, 2010


This is a dark secret of mine: I've always had a thing for hammocks. I have no idea if it's because they represent the ultimate in pure laziness. You know, just lazing around and doing nothing? Ah... isn't that the life I dreamt of when I was younger?

Now that I'm older, I'm equally excited to see how the world is re-imagining the design and usage of the beloved lounger. If my home is large enough, you bet there'll be every one of these in different corners.

Suddenly the workaholic in me is feeling the guilt...

Hammock Hanging Relax Chair by Erik Nyberg and Gustav Strom

The Leaf hammock

Bench Between Pillars by Ryuki Nakamura Architects

Cafe in Kichijoji, Japan


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1 comments: on "HAMMOCKS TALK"

Anonymous said...

the modern turquoise hammock is love at first sight for me! who needs a leather sofa set when you can put such a beautiful statement piece inside the house?

from: hammock lover