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Aug 4, 2010


What if you are tired of staying in the same condominium apartment for 3 years but still love the surroundings? You move up!

This is exactly what the home owner of this apartment at The Tropica did. Moving 4 floors up, the new unit now offers the owners a more stunning view of the nearby Bedok Reservoir. The breeze and generous amount of daylight that came with the elevation are bonuses.
Having worked with the home owner on several occasions previously, we were well-acquainted with his refined, modern style. A color palette of neutrals and a careful balance of patterns and textures were used to create a sense of stillness and calm in this home.
In the living area, visual interest is created through the juxtaposition and contrast of textures and surfaces. Abstract artwork were placed strategically to provide color accents to an otherwise monotonous scheme.
In the private space of the master bedroom, luscious materials and furnishings were used to provide an air of opulence, tranquility and comfort. The room is dressed up in a dominant black and grey palette and reflects, a for twist, a traditional style with the simple wood detailing and panelling.


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3 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

missymelissa said...

Effortless. The bedroom make me want to fall asleep in it immediately!

berry said...

Good work, KNQ!