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Aug 1, 2010


Every now and then, I am asked about my personal design style, or what my favorite styles are. This is a tough one for me, and I always draw a blank. The fact is, I aspire to have no particular style at all! The more homes I've designed over the years, the more I have come to the realization that the most successful project does not really comprises of me creating a design for the client. The word 'create' suggests that the scheme stems solely from my own imagination, and this does not adequately describe the entire process.

To me, interior design for a home is more like helping someone learn a language so that he or she can find his or her own voice. The process always grows out of dialogue about overall goals and preferences, coupled with the strengths and constraints of the existing living spaces.

In short, I like to think of myself as a facilitator of sorts, with one objective in mind: to help clients find the confidence to express themselves through the decor of their personal environments. Seeking the richness of each individual's sensibilities and helping him or her express those sensibilities is an enjoyable process, and that's the 'style' I strive for.

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