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Aug 16, 2010


Lines. They are so important in interior design you'll find this element in use in just about any space. Popular usage for lines in a room are the flooring, upholstery and, most notably, walls. The marvelous thing about lines is that it adds visual interest in a space instantly.

Horizontal lines easily portray a casual vibe, while vertical lines convey formality. Curvy lines add grace or whimsy while diagonal lines evoke a sense of movement. Lines can be as understated or as powerful as you want it, so it is one design choice you won't find daunting.

To achieve a good balance, combining lines can be a good idea. For example, horizontal lines can calm the strong formalities of vertical lines, like how curvy lines can add a touch of playfulness to balance off casual horizontals. In addition, verticals and horizontals can be applied in a grid-like pattern for the appearance of structure and cleanliness.


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