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Aug 12, 2010


Gosh, my schedule is crazy this week (and actually for the past few weeks). Meetings after meetings - it's never-ending. This probably explains why I've been writing less these days.

Anyway, I popped by my Fontaine Parry project site yesterday and was pleased to see that everything is coming together nicely (thanks to Lance who helped see things through). The dining area I created seems like a pretty cool cocoon to dine within. And how I love the curves around the living and dining rooms! We're now just waiting for the furniture to fill the room.

I know my camera phone certainly won't do the space justice, but I just snapped a few shots as I'm so very eager to share with you folks, ha.

Meanwhile, I'm excited to hear that my Horizon Hills project in Johor, Malaysia, is progressing smoothly, and will be making a trip there over the weekend to check on things. I hope to be surprised. In a positive way of course.

The next month will be hectic as we'll be starting on a few projects at the same time. Even then, I hope to write more on this blog. So, watch this space for more updates!


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