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Sep 16, 2010


Cookie cutter design. Ah, that favorite topic between me and my very close client-friend.

I was sitting at the clinic this morning when I picked up a home decor magazine which I have never ever read (and it's supposed to be one of the more popular local design magazines around). Flipping through the pages, I must say I'm so not very inspired.

Now I'm not saying the homes KNQ Associates create are better. I have my fair share of designers who I admire, but those homes featured in the magazines, ahem, bore me to tears. More often than not, the case-studies
read more like glorified advertisements for the design firms which did up these seemingly mass-produced apartments than an in-depth story about the occupant's distinct personality. And the more I flipped through, the more I find some of the homes starting to resemble one another, ha!

Sad but true.

Obviously, there must be buyers. People embrace the cookie-cutter concept because of cost savings and shorter turnaround. Theoretically, any discounts are passed on to the customer and hence the consumer can obtain 'more house' for his or her dollar. The only problem with this approach is that homes lose their uniqueness.

Most consumers do not have sufficient knowledge about interior design matters and have difficulties conceiving something which they have never seen before. Hence perception and availability in the mass market shape the purchasing decisions. And often times, in the quest for huge cost savings and bargains, individuality is being compromised.

I remember with bemusement somebody telling me this a while ago, "You don't really have to spend too much time designing something very different for me. Give me something that looks like this house in the magazine. Oh ya, many other companies I approached offered free basins for all the bathrooms, free air-con system for the whole house..."

Seriously, do I look like an air-con salesman?
I can die laughing.


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Anonymous said...

Nice article. I'm a designer myself and totally agree with what you said. For things like phones, people dun mind the standardization. But for homes, nobody wants their home to look like their neighbors'.