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Sep 22, 2010


This has nothing to do with interior design.

I was ploughing through the stack of past project documents this afternoon when I chanced upon this file from almost 2 years back. The client in this case is an old lady, the mum of another client of mine.

Patient and soft-spoken, Auntie (that's how I addressed her) lives alone in the flat, even when her daughter had wanted her to stay with her family. But for some reasons unknown, I never quite figured why she wasn't keen to move in with them.

You see, the lady wasn't exactly in the best state of health back then. My memory tells me she's always looking terribly pale. There was once when she felt so weak halfway through our discussion she had to stop temporarily to ease her panting. Regardless of that, she loves to joke and would often share little anecdotes about herself with me. She never had any negative things to say - unlike so many of us - and would always indulge the workers with nice food and drinks she prepared during the renovation process. Without a doubt, the workers can't dislike such a lovely old lady.

Two days ago, I met the daughter on the streets and was told that her mum passed away shortly after she (finally) moved in with her 3 months ago...

In our line, it's not only about creating beautiful things and making money. It's more importantly about striking up genuine friendships, regardless of age. I'm sure Auntie would have much more stories to share with me if she were still around, but whatever stories she had shared with me will provide me with the inspiration to live life better.



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2 comments: on "IN MEMORY OF"

berry said...

She's in peace in heaven i'm sure.:)

Anonymous said...

Cest la vie...