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Sep 12, 2010


By that post title, I'm not telling you to ditch everything in your house and start getting new branded furniture or renovating your home to look like a palace.

Style is not a price (no, it has absolutely nothing to do with the amount of money you have in your bank). It is an attitude. And it can be developed, even by someone unschooled in design and the decorative arts. Get inspired by people with good taste, but find things that work for you. What works for your lifestyle? That’s a huge part of what encompasses your own personal style. The examples we see on The Selby tells us a home doesn't really need to look perfect to the outside world, as long as it's perfect in the occupant's own eyes.

Style is usually expressed through fashion as we all know it. But it's as easily expressed through the way one lives. It's one part self-knowledge and one part self-confidence. When you feel good about incorporating beautiful elements you love inside your home, your home will - trust me - naturally look good. Style is self-knowledge applied selectively to our material world.

Forget trends. Treat design magazines (and even this blog) merely as references - style is in the dweller himself or herself.

I never understand why some home owners tell me they want me to re-create for them an interior space which they see on Home Rejuvenation or XYZ magazine. Style is about individuality - it exemplifies the fact that we are all different, an expression of one's spirit. Why would I want to create the same look for two totally different individuals?


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