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Sep 10, 2010


Lately I’ve developed a rather unexpected liking for the blues. You know I'm not talking about a certain musical genre. And I'm not feeling depressed either. But I truly have a feel for blue these days, evidently shown through the pops of this calming color that show up in every other proposal I've been working on these past weeks.

A cobalt immediately draws one's eyes with its vibrancy. A teal reminds me of the ocean. A Prussian blue is somber and matured, infusing a sense of tranquility to any space that is decorated in this tone. To me, no other color than blue does a better job at making one feel at ease.

I'm sure these gorgeous images do a better job convincing you why blue is your best color choice much better than any of my incessant ramblings...

Farrow & Ball

H Hotel

Country Living

Jackson Clements Burrows

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3 comments: on "SPACE LOVES THE BLUES"

Edhan (aka. Kan Sei-ichi on facebook) said...

Nice article. Different people maintaining the facebook entries and this blog i guess?

Anyway Stan, i've being wondering if there are any articles or ideas on tinted windows on complementing the overall design of the house? This has being something going on in my mind.

I saw this youtube video on this hongkong guy with the small "transformer" apartment using yellow tinted window which gives this aura of sunset. How about lightly tinted blue or green windows? There are also surprisingly lots of "imo. ugly" purple tinted windows in HDBs.

KNQ Associates said...

I guess the Hong Kong designer you're referring to is Gary Chang. The latest reincarnation of his home exudes a golden glow indeed.

Colored glass is always beautiful, provided one uses it in the correct context. There are many homes with colorful windows (yes, HDBs) which do not really appeal to me personally nor fit in with the overall color scheme - not that I think these folks have one in the first place. So ultimately, it depends on whether you want the windows to stand out in the overall design or let it sit quietly in the background as an architectural component. There is no right or wrong answer to this.

jon said...

Though many people dislike it, blue has always been my fave colour. It reminds me of the oceans or skies.