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Oct 4, 2010


Today, an email came into our mailbox inquiring about our service:

"Dear KNQ associates,

Have been a fan of your blog for sometimes now and found most of your interior design pretty interesting and really original. One particular design that impresses me most would be the study room at Leicester Road.

Therefore, it was with great pleasure to forward you the floor-plan of my soon to-be-ready DBSS unit... and would really like to engage your ID service in turning my new home to be the best home ever."

It's heartwarming to know we are looked upon as being original. That shows if you actively seek originality, you don't have to shout.

People can really see it.


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3 comments: on "PROUD TO BE ORIGINAL"

jon said...


Jason Quah said...

U guys r really pro! great delight in work with professional like kusnin. Wonderful..pls. keep it up!

By: Jason (Your latest new client)

Regina said...

A fantastic note and well deserved!