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Dec 1, 2010


As Leonardo da Vinci puts it, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". Nowhere is that more true than in designing a home.

For this apartment located at The Tropica, it was decided early in the design process to keep things simple, doing away with fussy details or overwhelming materials that shout.

Living/ dining areas - before

Living/ dining areas - after

We like to think that a decor can be modest yet sophisticated. Indeed, keeping the walls in a monochromatic scheme and free of extensive built-up works provided a clean palette in which we are given free reign to 'paint'.

Kids' room - before

Kids' room - after

In creating a harmonizing space in which a young couple with 2 kids can live in, we experimented with the use of simple design elements. Colors set the tone here: red, blue and yellow pop out in the space, contrasting with deeper maroon, mustard and teal.

Study room - before

Study room - after

Harmony and rhythm is created by eye-catching eclectic accessorizing and restrained decoration. Juxtaposing different patterns (think Mondrian pattern and zebra stripes as an example) is a little example of how contrast can radically change the perception of a room and pleases the eyes.

Master bedroom - before

Master bedroom - after

Kitchen - before

Kitchen - after


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7 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I obviously see the influence of your past works in this home.

jenson ecd said...

Luv the apartment, it's a place of harmony & peace.

Anonymous said...

Chic and stylish!

Anonymous said...

Simple yet beautiful. A clean look! Full of positive energy.
By Preetha

rima said...

Fantastic design!

Allison Gingerich said...

me like! good job :D.

Allison Gingerich said...

me like! good job :D.