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Dec 20, 2010


The owners of this 2-bedroom apartment located at Dakota Residences wanted to reflect their keen sense of style through the confines of their brand new home. Keeping in mind the personalities of the couple, we adopted a casual, free-spirited approach in this design.

Living and dining areas - before
Living and dining areas - after
Here, we helped them conjure a neutral color palette of whites, grays and browns, punctuated with bright blue, red and yellow accents, to create a sophisticated look which feels inviting despite the limited floor area.
Master bedroom - before
Master bedroom - after
Design without any sense of scale and proportion is like owning a cottage with no lake. Here, we took time to ensure the furniture work well with the youthful duo's kooky tastes, and that every object has its place and is appropriately scaled for the size of the apartment. Lighting is of utmost importance, especially the recessed lighting which washes the walls to create a sense of coziness.
Study room - before
Study room - after

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4 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

nora.p said...

Love that bedroom! Amazing work!

missymelissa said...

Love your work!

Mosaic said...

Amazingly beautiful, great design

Anonymous said...

How much is the cost then?