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Dec 23, 2010


True, technology can be both a blessing and a curse. But I prefer to think positive. And how can one not be positive when you're talking about iPhone, ha?! Since I got my iPhone, it has become more and more useful to me in my work - a use I never envisioned at first. No, it can't be a curse for sure.

To be more specific, what's appealing about the iPhone is the large selection of apps. There's about anything for everything. Yet, only a handful is likely to become permanent additions to my phone. I've done the homework for all interior designers out there, and here are some great tools worth checking out. They are really useful in our line of work, and are mostly free except where noted.

Whatever you call it, if you have an iPhone and love to sketch, you should love Sketchbook Mobile Express.

This nifty device from Autodesk allows me to sketch with my finger, erase with my finger, tap-tap and zoom with my finger. It’s a lot like wiping smears off your screen, but you're creating art at the same time. Lest you begin to be skeptical about its functionality - it actually works. It's really easy to use and comes in handy during those times when I left my sketchpad in the car during a meeting, or when that fantastic idea suddenly comes knocking on my brains at a club.

When I'm on the move, the AutoCAD WS mobile app proves to be one great tool to view and edit CAD drawings which are delivered to my phone by my staff. Frankly, I've used it only about twice since, but it's a good feeling to know I can check drawings that conveniently anywhere. Yes, nothing beats the PC for ease of use but, as you know, novelty and practicality sometimes don't co-exist.

At an affordable price of US$1.99, PaintSwatches allows just about anybody to tackle tricky paint-jobs with aplomb. This clever app organizes paint-palettes by room, making it easy for any designer or homeowner to harmonize from room to room and shop for matching furniture. Thumbs up!

GoDesign was "created by designers for designers, offering an organizational tool and mobile business solution for easier, more cost effective design project management." The application handles and stores incredible amounts of detailed information, freeing up time and creativity for interior design professionals and amateurs alike.

The app essentially puts an office into users’ pockets. It sits ready to accept tons of the detailed data that interior designers need. It easily stores, sorts and organizes information and images, allows for the custom creation and personalization of tear sheets, has a customizable database, maps out logical shopping routes and more. Design professionals can also work with their client and vendor lists, right from their device!

The app costs US$9.99.

Yes, it functions more like a walking marketing tool for ZARA, but I'm quite a sucker for the Spanish company's products. This app functions as a pocket catalog of all the items that can be found in each ZARA store, organized by sections - which is very useful for all customers. One important feature of the application is the update frequency: ZARA’s team will update the content to keep you informed about all its new products. Well, you bet they do.

There's plenty of apps that will inspire an interior designer with beautiful images of interior design and great home decoration ideas. Nothing beats Houzz to that though. With more than 75000 photos, the Houzz application has one of the most comprehensive collections of home design images on the iPhone. In addition to that, there's a large collection of useful 'ideabooks' to provide guidance to anyone on aspects of interior design and decoration. It's definitely the app to look to for daily inspirations.

Whether you are a designer or a design junkie who loves reading blogs, you're absolutely gonna love this app called TopInteriorDesignBlogs created by Jacob Lindgren. This simply device basically allows you to follow some of the best interior design blogs all at once. These blogs include MoCo Loco and Design*Sponge.


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