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Dec 12, 2010


This is the phase in every renovation project when one begins to see order after the initial pile of mess. And - ahem - it's also the stage that marks the end of many sleepless nights. I'm truly glad everything is coming to a perfect ending.

Foyer/ dining area

These pictures were taken two Mondays ago. The last I heard from the contractor, the wall-covering on the feature wall has been installed. The client and I went shopping the day before and purchased a beautiful Chinese display cabinet which will be placed in front of the wall.

Meanwhile, I'm really anticipating the Swarovski pendant lamp on the tall ceiling at the foyer, and hopes to see it being hung up during the next site visit.

Living area

I'm loving the tree graphic being digitally etched onto the mirror doors of the storage unit in the living room. It adds visual interest to the room instantly.

Wet kitchen

The ultra glossy doors in the kitchen are still looking delicious since the last visit, ha!

Back garden

In the garden, the LED lighting for the water feature is finally in place and glowing proudly in the dark. The effect added a chic club-esque feel to it. The two dragon sculptures are installed according to Fengshui requirements.

2nd storey bedroom

In the bedrooms, we still have a bit more work left to go. I'm incorporating some nice vibrant colors into the headboard design in the kids' room, which will complement that sunny yellow ceiling at the entrance.

2nd storey master bedroom

Master bedroom walk-in closet

The master suite is more or less near completion, but the installation of the headboard seems to be taking up more time than expected - again. The TV will be installed onto the swivel trellis panel later on, allowing viewing from all angles.

We'll also be seeing the introduction of some lush fabrics and bold graphics into this room very soon.

Master bedroom bath

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rukhsana said...

The picture is looking good. The yellow kitchen rocks! And I could drown away the day in the beautiful marble bathroom. Can't wait for the final photos.

jon said...

I love the water feature in the garden, really feels very club-like!