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Feb 20, 2011


Luxury. Each of us has our own idea of what that term means, although it is often synonymous with the word expensive. But in the past decade, its definition is becoming more abstract. The concept of sumptuous living extends far beyond a house's size, its price per square foot or the amount of money spent on costly marble or designer furniture within the house.

Luxury provides one with an experience in life that he or she has never ever imagined. It also meets one's expectation for a better life, make no mistake about it. A beautifully-crafted kitchen, finished in high-quality materials and equipped with fine appliances or fixtures, re-defines your conventional concept of a food preparation space and brings about a culinary delight when you are inside. A well-designed bathroom fitted with exclusive faucets and shower set isn't just an area to cleanse the body - it also rejuvenates the soul. Luxury is not a means of showing off, if it brings joy and pleasure to our lives.

And if you are buying luxury because of some 'smart' marketing or peer pressure, good luck.

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janette said...

I had the same opinion about the term luxury as well. Now I don't think that luxury means expensive but "intense" "impressive" "lovely".