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Mar 15, 2011


Granted, this project started as a fix-me-up rather than a Home Rejuvenation one. With a tight budget which is largely limited to the revamping of 3 bathrooms and a kitchen, this Home Rejuvenation project almost didn't happen.

Living area - after

Living area - before

Under such circumstances, it's important to help the client allocate his resources on only the most essential. If you have always wondered whether a design can be re-designed, you've got your answer in this case study here.

Frankly, the owner and I weren't too pleased with what was already built-up inside the house, although I had a feeling I could work some magic with those trellis doors on the shoe unit the moment I saw it. The high ceiling (this unit is on the top floor) also meant I could possibly create something interesting above the usual ceiling level. In addition to that, the lush greenery in the vicinity suggests that I should try think of a way to allow the occupants to capture the view as much as possible.

I seek to blend the contemporary with tropical elements here, which is apparent from the integration of flora and fauna and the use of various natural textures in the home. It is hoped to inject a sense of openness, freshness and peacefulness to the space. And no, we don't have to tear the whole house down in order to do that. It's often the simple touches that make all the difference.

Master bedroom - before

Master bathroom - after

The original bathrooms are a nightmare to step in. To achieve a contemporary feel without breaking the bank, we had all the original tiles laid over by new glossy, textural ones, saving much on hacking and disposal works.

Bathroom 2 - before

Bathroom 2 -after

Bathroom 3 - before

Bathroom 3 - after


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12 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

William said...

Stan this is incredible - the home looks like it's undergone a million dollars renovation! Fantastic work!

berryberr said...

I like that it has a calm and easy feel to it.

JS said...

I witness the transformation, it is incredible. How do you do it ?? @@!!!!

Crafty Mermaid said...

Bathroom 3 is really lovely - great work!

Anonymous said...

Love the living room and the high ceiling - sorta balinese cum tropical yet modern...good job!

Communic said...

It's a simple job but it really shows the expertise of you guys!

Ronald said...

wow this house has a really nice view....with the reno the view is nice both external and internal :)

katy perry said...

Very nice!!!

Jane said...

Excellent design...truly resort

Anonymous said...


KNQ Associates said...

Thank you people once again!

Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the bathroom can still look so spacious without hacking the old tiles away.

I like the looks of the new bathroom!