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Mar 17, 2011


We were recently commissioned to revamp the Melrose Home, which aims to provide a supportive environment for children between the ages of 4 to 18 years old, These are children whose parents or family members are unable to provide care for them and hence require supervision and protection in a residential setting.

Dormitories - after

Dormitories - before

And what better ways than using colors to design a space to win the kids' hearts? Children are often drawn to bright and cheerful rooms, and we planned the palette of colors based on that belief.

Common corridor - before

Common corridors - after

Using a mixture of stimulating and subtle tones, we planned a different scheme for each room according to their age groups.

For example, yellow and purple compliment each other perfectly and make a great choice for an uplifting (yet not kiddish) interior for the older children. A soothing blue mixed with a playful green balances tranquility with playfulness for the young. A light apple green hue freshens up the original dim and narrow common corridors.

Locker room - before

Locker room - after

It is hoped the revamp will create a better living and study environment for the children.


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3 comments: on "(MELROSE) HOME REJUVENATED!"

sorou said...

It's matali crassat-like!

katemeloni said...

The colors are a little too much for me to take, but I guess the kids will love it.:)

janina said...

You did a very good job. I bet those kids were fascinated when they saw the results. They deserve to live in a colorful world.