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May 18, 2011


You know you need to rejuvenate your home when:

1. You have feature walls everywhere that look like they belong to a movie set than in a home. And no, it's not a nice movie to begin with.

2. You've got a kitchen that looks more like a store room than a creative space where you whip up delicious food for your family.

3. The toilet looks so run-down even the mere thought of stepping in for a quick shower (and, ahem, some other private matters) makes you depressed. Alright, depressed is too strong a word to use here...

4. Your children study, play and sleep in ho-hum rooms that are totally uninspiring for their growing minds.

'Nuff said!

Dining room - after

Dining room - before

Living room - after

Living room - before

Kitchen - after

Kitchen - before

Kids' study room - after

Kids' study room - before

Kids' bedroom - after

Kids' bedroom - before

Kids' bedroom bath - after

Kids' bedroom bath - before

Master bedroom - after

Master bedroom - before

Master bathroom - after

Master bathroom - before


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3 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

annie said...

That was funny. But nice afters!

kecks said...

I really like the concept and detail, but I'm not so sure about all that colors in the kids' rooms.

KNQ Associates said...