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May 22, 2011


Australia’s most popular annual design event Saturday In Design finally made its way to our shores for the very first time on 21st May. The biggest Saturday in Design is purported to be the ultimate way for the design community to gauge trends and spot the who’s whos in the industry. More importantly, it provides the opportunities to connect with like-minded creatives and be inspired by what modern design has to offer.

Warehouse 72-13

The premise sounds great but alas, the Singapore show just fell short of my expectations.

Frankly, I was anticipating some fresh product launches during the event - considering that big names like Artemide, Moroso and Boffi were involved - but that excitement didn't come at all. Simply because there isn't much to see, particularly at the latter two exhibit areas. Well, unless if you deem a Moroso chair upholstered in different fabrics (all sourced locally) fitting as a highlight here.

Moroso and Boffi

There were occasionally little surprises, like the Light-twit lamp by Oon and the Fin Pot series from Cilicon Faytory, but the rest of the stuff just didn't grabbed my eyeballs. Sure, the origami butterfly art installation by Dream Interiors and Elixr was stunning, but I can't help thinking that the seemingly low turnout at the event put a damper on my initial enthusiasm.

Products by Oon

Products by Cilicon Faytory

Dream Interiors

At XTRA, one is treated to some interesting art installations, including the more memorable Duplicity, which "brings products that are found in typical work environment to life". But as with the show exhibit at Dream Interiors, there wasn't anything at the rest of the XTRA exhibit area which I haven't seen the last time I was there at their showroom.

At the end of my short 3 hour visit, I realized the entire event did nothing to inspire or impress me. What a pity.


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narbiscus said...

Stan, I was there too! Yeah, it wasn't quite interesting but overall it was a fun day to be out.

hammock lover said...

a design fair that sounded promising but sadly lacking in creative content. what a letdown! if they are returning next year, i will think twice about going, once bitten twice shy

anniewong said...

U guys think so too? I didn't know I'm not the only one to feel that way.

KUS said...

During my uni days in Sydney, this is the event that we look forward to every year. Designer were treated like celebrity ( well...i was designer wannabe, back then)

hortensia said...

I went to some event like this, but not this big. I hope this year to attend too.