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Jun 8, 2011


If you wish to find out how different folks in Europe take to interior design trends as compared to Singapore (or parts of Asia in general), read on.

According to research from Post Office Mortgages, several design fads of previous years still "haunt the homes of many people in the UK". These 'decor disasters' are supposed to bring down the value of a home when it's put on the market.

Take it for what it's worth, because these lists do make for some mind-boggling analysis.
Well, I live in a country where it's cool to have exposed brick walls inside the house and laminate flooring are commonplace. Spiral staircases are highly desired and wood panelling are all the rage. And I can safely say that for every 10 houses you visit, 10 comes equipped with Formica (or laminate) finished kitchens.

Do any of these affect the seller's asking price here?

Talk about cultural difference.

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