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Jun 20, 2011


It's not often that a designer can have total free play to do what he or she wants without the inputs of the client. But things can take on a huge change when the client engages an artist to design a space instead - someone who doesn't necessarily need to place function before form.

Artist Vincent Dubourgh took on that 'challenge' - he had been given free reign to create a staircase for a private art collector with a house in Knightsbridge. One can't be blamed for being startled at the 'havoc' Dubourgh created inside. The aluminium branch-like poles 'ripped' through the timber floor, enveloping the scarily twisted staircase structure like a scene out of a Tim Burton's movie. Indeed, one couldn't have imagined climbing up the stairs could be such a dramatic affair.


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Anonymous said...

Urgh, what's this??

xavier said...

I like! :D

hammock lover said...

its really wonderful when clients keep an open mind to embrace wild & wacky but highly artistic design interpretations...truly refreshing to see this!! hope clients can do less dictating to their designers and let their artistry flow

Nouro said...

This is crazy. The client took a bold step forward with that.