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Jul 29, 2011


Technological wizardry impresses men. But when you apply this to a bathroom, there's a high chance that the ladies will be equally as pleased.

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Music in the bathroom is something that everyone desires. Shower units which play your favorite tunes via electronic controls while you are relaxing in your daily cleansing routine are no rarity anymore.


If so many things around us are multi-purpose, why should the toilet paper holder be left behind? Connect your iPhone to it and start spinning right away!

Nowadays, high-tech toilets squirt and blow to resounding successes in the market. So are those which warms your bum. Such gadgets are solely about the experience, not only the looks.

TVs, or wet screens, in the shower are popular with businessmen who never want to miss a beat of the markets. Television mirrors make sure your eyes won't leave the screen for one second while brushing your teeth or shaving when your favorite drama serial is being aired.

LED technology is becoming commonplace, so why not apply it to the faucet? Wash your hands under the magical LED colored lighting of your choosing. This is one gadget which will definitely delight yourself and your guests alike.


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1 comments: on "THE HI-TECH BATHROOM"

bathroom said...

Fantastic! Another good firm in bathroom design and innovation is Roca, do you know them? I love their smart bathroom products! :)