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Jul 28, 2011


Do you realize how easy it is to hone in on the visual and textural aspects of a home design, and how difficult it becomes when it comes to the aural aspect of things?
I know, you may have your pet bird's lovely chirps or the sound of flowing water coming from the water fountain. But seriously, nothing beats integrating beautiful music into our living spaces to enhance our lifestyle. Good interior design should cater to every one of our senses, not just our eyes. The things we don't see are equally as important in contributing to a cozy living environment.

I'm a firm proponent of the idea of integrating great music to complement an interior decor. If I have my way, I would compile a soundtrack for every home that I design for my clients!

So go on, spin a tune now. You will feel happier in your home. Here are some pretty good atmospheric tunes I've (secretly) compiled for a contemporary-style apartment I'm working on now. I'm kinda imagining how the songs play out differently in this house during different parts of the day. Hope you folks enjoy them too!

For the morning:

For the afternoon (if you happen to be not at work!):

For the evening:

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4 comments: on "MUSIC FOR INTERIORS"

sumpus said...

Neat list there :)

zachNSX said...

Add Frank Sinatra's That's Life to the list.:)

KNQ Associates said...

We like that, Zach!

elena said...

I will listen to these songs later because now I am a little busy.I bet they are very good songs.