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Aug 24, 2011


US-based Jamie Beckwith's design team is a unique blend of professionally trained interior designers as well as talented and experienced interior decorators. Under her direction, the Beckwith Interiors (BI) design team creates luxurious, timeless and functional environments for residential, retail, and corporate clients nationwide. International celebrities, high-profile corporations, and discerning clients appreciate the discreet, fresh and unassuming style that BI provides. The firm prides itself on the strong ability to execute traditional and contemporary environments with a focus on transitional flow — the thread that weaves through a project — to create a seamless and cohesive space.

What drew you to the architectural and design industry? Is that original fascination still alive within you today?

As a young person I would devour books on architecture, art and design. Through the books and publications I found comfort and creativity. I would visualize and create my own personal environments after being inspired by other architects and designers work on the pages.

My original fascination is definitely alive and thriving. As I venture into different areas of design with product development and manufacturing, I am constantly learning, inspired and renewed.

Tell us about your typical day (at work and at home).

My days are definitely very busy, just like any working mothers would be. I have three young children with busy social lives, numerous charity organizations that my husband and I participate in, and of course, family and friend obligations. The wonderful thing about a rich life is the amazing relationships that develop in addition to the inspiring people that I come into contact with.

My day is not altogether typical, which is very exciting to me. It is never the same. Usually I am in the design studio by 9 am meeting with my team. We discuss all of our current projects, from design to scheduling to purchasing. I also have a retail showroom that is always being updated with new furniture pieces and accessories so we plan for upcoming seasons and new purchases.

I try to visit our production facilities, where we manufacture a collection of surfacing materials, at least 3 times a week. When I am there, I meet with the sales team and also enjoy working on the actual assembly line. It is very therapeutic and allows me to be with the people that are creating the beautiful products.

In your opinion, what are the key challenges in designing a residence (as compared to a commercial project)?

One of the challenges in designing a residential project is there are a lot of emotions involved. You usually have a couple that have poured a lot of time and money into the project so emotions run high. I feel it is our responsibility to listen to the client or clients and be organized, efficient and timely in our services. Good organization and especially budgeting can help a client feel less stress as they have a true picture of the process and the costs involved.

Tell us about your own home.

My own home is my muse. I love to try unique things out in my home. I like to challenge myself to create new designs or architectural features such as acrylic wine cellars, glass floors and the unusual mixing of pattern and shape through fabric or furniture.

I encourage the artisans and sub contractors to stretch outside of their normal thinking process to try to create interiors that are spectacular, not only in beauty but functionality. My home is a perfect spot to entertain my imagination.

As an architect/ designer, what do you think defines an inviting home?

An inviting home is a home that embodies the love and spirit of the people that live there, period.

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Anonymous said...

The cellar is way cool.

hann said...

I love this interview series! Nice work from Jamie. Hope to see you interview more designers!

linda said...

It's an art to be a designer. You must know a lot of things and I think is an easy job but I think it's pleasant.