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Aug 11, 2011


Here at Home Rejuvenation, we constantly advocate simplicity. Nothing works better than an uncluttered home, really.

Talking about clutter, do you realize just how many remote controls (for appliances) there are in an average household? It's not surprising if you tell me that you juggle with 4 remotes (or even more) in front of the TV on a daily basis.

But things are changing.

Yves Behar's Peel Fruit is a small, architecturally crafted device that when paired with the free Peel app, turns your iPhone of iPod touch into a remote control, providing a fun and design friendly way to watch TV. The Peel system eliminates the unsightly disaster of multiple remotes and dusty cables. Users simply pull up the Peel app on their iPhone or iPod touch, click on a show and it appears on the TV regardless of what channel or TV component it's playing on. Users can also use the Peel fruit to change channels, control volume and turn the TV on or off from within the app.


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2 comments: on "PEEL FRUIT BY YVES BEHAR"

nabes said...

Yves Behar ROCKS! This thing is so cute and stylish all at once.

KNQ Associates said...

We think so too, nabes!;)