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Aug 8, 2011


Almost all of us are natural trichromats. The three different color receptors of green, blue and red combine to let us see a range of colors far broader than many other mammals. So in a way, each of us - a relatively small number of people with one or more of those color receptors missing are considered color-blind - is created equal, and should be able to see and combine colors as the person next to you, right? I can imagine the blank stare on your face now.

The truth is, just about everybody can develop an eye for successful color combinations, and be enlightened by how different colors combine to produce an eye-pleasing result. Provided you 'open your eyes', that is.

To develop your very own color sense, take note of your surroundings wherever you are. Look at magazines, study window displays and even scan through advertising brochures. Make notes of what you like and don't like. Create a mood board by cutting out and putting together interesting pictures of objects that inspire you.

And then there are the 'rules in the books' to guide you along. Cool tones and subtle contrasts create more of a calm and relaxed environment. To emphasize spaciousness, a limited range of white or pale pastels will help open up the spaces.

Warm, bold colors and strong contrasts create a lively and inviting atmosphere.

To bring about a cozy and intimate feel, using deeper tones and bold colors in the warmer ranges is certainly a no-brainer. Just remember to introduce lots of colorful patterns and textures.

Fresh, bright colors will bring life to a dull and dim room, while darker colors will tame a sunny room.

Choosing colors is not an exact science, and there are plenty of books and online materials on color theory and matching for your reference. If you happen to have a favorite color, it's easy to go overboard on its usage in the home. Just don't forget that there are plenty of less obstructive ways to incorporate it into your scheme - whether by way of the accessories you put in, on a feature wall or a piece of painted furniture. This makes it relatively safe for you to bring in colors without the fear of using a wrong color, wasting both effort and money. I mean, what's the worst that can happen? Changing that cushion can't possibly burn a hole in your pocket...

Even though rules are meant to help you along the color selection process, using colors is very much a personal matter. Like music, color varies widely in the mood it creates. So allow your own style to shine as you plan. Have confidence in using whatever colors that may appeal to you and things should be fine.


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Anonymous said...

Nice works there! And insightful article!

larisa said...

When I decorated my house, I asked for some help and together we made a good work.