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Sep 14, 2011


"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." Nowhere is this statement more true than in interior design. If living in a purposely distressed home can be equated to good taste and creativity, you know the days where only classy chandeliers and plush furnishings call the day are truly over.

Let's face it, not everyone wants a home that looks spanking new. Due to the proliferation of too many homes which are dressed in a predictable contemporary style, people are exploring other options to distance themselves from cookie cutter design. And how do they do this? Some went the road less traveled by opting for unconventional themes like industrial or avant garde. Others decided to introduce a hint of history into their homes - Art Deco, Victorian, Retro-50's or Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie period fascinates them.

Making an old place new is easy - all you need is spend some money to get it renovated. Dressing up a new place to make it look like it was there for a longer period of time is not so straight-forward, although there are some simple tricks to do this. Antiques and vintage furniture immediately come to mind. But that's not all to it.

The New York Times

Start with the walls. There are plenty of faux painting techniques for achieving a distressed look. Porter's Original Paints offers many suitable paint products to make the job easier too. Else, there is a wide range of wallpaper design to choose from in the market. For those who are more adventurous, raw materials like battered, unfinished brick walls also add decades to the design. Color-wise, do take care that you don't choose something too bright and modern - muted, pastel tones often create a comfortable, nostalgic look.

Gus W├╝stemann

To neat freaks, junk and antiques shops can be like little shops of horror at times. With porcelain vases, well-worn colonial-style window frames and other bric-a-brac strewn on the floor, you wouldn't think you have a chance to squeeze through to the end of the shop and back without toppling a gramophone. But the fact is you'll seldom chance upon an artifact of exquisite craftsmanship and rich history unless you really get your hands dirty.

Positively Beauty

Don't overlook the finer details too. Vintage or retro accessories and lighting help to unify the entire theme, while shiny aluminum doorknobs and handles just don't speak 'old'. Add artwork from the era that inspired your home and you'll enjoy a living experience which offers the best of yesterday and today.


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maurice said...

I think these houses need a helping hand :) There so many things to do so they look like they should.