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Sep 27, 2011


We at Home Rejuvenation are getting more and more fascinated with the idea of recycling paper into useful objects.

Even with the advent of technology over a decade ago, none of us can deny that good feeling of leafing through a newspaper in the morning over breakfast or as we get ready for the daily commute. However, newspapers - along with other types of paper - constitute a huge portion of our waste stream.

The good thing is newspapers can be recycled profitably and be reused in various ways.

Many designers have thus realized the potential of newspaper as an experimental material for use in their creations. In this post, we specifically look at how newspaper can be particularly useful in contemporary lamp design.

"At first glance, designer Enrique Romero’s PulpLamps look more like cocoon-esque sculptures than lighting fixtures. Made from 100% recycled newspapers, the lamps come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and each one is completely unique. The oversized shades can be hung solo or grouped together to form makeshift chandeliers of varying grayscale shades."

"To make each lamp, Romero shreds discarded newspapers, mixing them into a pulp much like papier mache. After adding a glue to harden the pulp, the substance is poured into the molds. Bright red cords and fixtures are then added for a punch of color. The resulting recycled lamps are textured and organic, adding a natural glow to any room." Link


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