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Oct 7, 2011


Walt Disney once said, “Too many people grow up. That's the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up. They forget. They don't remember what it's like to be 12 years old...”

Its so true. Once we grow up, we hardly remember what it's like to be a kid and have fun like they do. Many of us become preoccupied with money and relationships and start to take the opinions of kids lightly.

Fortunately, there's always a kid inside every one of us. Don't you reminisce about your childhood days when you pass by kids having fun in the playground? Or watching them enjoy their games on the beach with their friends? You do!

The Nest

When it comes to decorating, the kid in us might successfully convince ourselves to bring that element of fun into our homes if we are really passionate about going down that route. After all, we want our homes to showcase what we love. And it's precisely that carefree childlike spirit which leads one's imagination to run wild when designing his or her home!

Max Lam

Arte Luise Kunsthotel art hotel

Hence, toy collections become the center of attraction in the house for some. Others begin to inject bright candy colors and unusual murals to 'cartoonize' their homes. Comic murals or artwork inside the home make people think of you as a very open-minded individual who is young at heart.

Incorporating elements of fun into your home decor is not wrong, and should not be looked upon as bad taste. As long as you know your limits and execute it with a good artistic sense, the results can be both very stylish and gratifying at the same time.


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3 comments: on "CARTOONIZE YOUR HOME!"

clippingimages said...

These designs are really nice.

jon said...


crina said...

I do not like this cartoon style. I've seen at a friend, but I don't think it can be a family house. I agree with this in the children room but only there.