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Oct 30, 2011


If you are a discerning homeowner who is living in Singapore and am currently looking around for good looking ceiling fans to be installed in your home, I must warn you that you are in tough luck. I can't understand why many manufacturers haven't fully embraced the notion that ceiling fans need to look as good as they perform in a home, especially those in Southeast Asian countries where the temperature and humidity can be too much to bear at times. Or shall I say most times...

In my line of work, I have come across too many cheesy looking fans which just would not cut it if style and function are what you are wishing for. Some are just ridiculously 'designed' with blades that spin outwards or shades that look more like hideous little trumpets.

But before you start to whine, you'd be happy to know you stumbled upon this post.

Last Friday, I passed by this little shop called Amasco at Joo Seng Road and what a surprise I had when I saw these gems inside. Yes, these are by no means great beauties, but their clean fluid curves and lines really caught my eyes. And a brief 'fan audition' proved that these fans are not just banking on their handsome looks alone - they move a hell lot of air too.

So hop over to the shop if you're seriously considering a ceiling fan for your home. You'd be glad you made the trip.


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3 comments: on "CEILING FANS"

Marissa said...

Hi sir, are they expensive??

Jay said...

Nice version! I love the first one most.

Janet said...

My favorito fans : farmington , landmark and econ in the family room