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Nov 27, 2011


Many people like to hide as many wires and cables they can. No doubt, they can be one big visual distraction when things get out of hand. In many homes, the fact that the light sources on the ceiling are far from where you wish to position the lamps poses another bigger problem - those awful plastic casing which house the electrical cables.

Take a step back and start thinking about how to make the best out of the situation. As displayed by the examples shown below, you might begin to adore the idea that showing wires can be a beautiful affair.

Take the bare essentials of lighting: wires, sockets and bulbs and elevate them to an industrial, lofty aesthetic. This 'chandelier' can be hung in any configuration to suit a room's decor.

Add decoration to an appliance's cable and it suddenly becomes an admirable art piece.

Play around with the colors of the wires. Bunch the wires up and you'll be surprised how 'clashing' bright tones together can actually make them look pretty.

Yi-Cong Lu

Or how about putting the lamp on a pulley system, making it flexible to be moved around the room? Yi-Cong Lu has exactly this interesting idea up his sleeves.


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2 comments: on "THE BEAUTY OF WIRES"

Anonymous said...

Nice solutions!

natalie said...

It's amazing how an ugly wire can be made to look so nice!