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Feb 14, 2012


For this new condominium apartment at Kovan Residences, we worked our magic mainly on the formal areas and the master suite, giving a distinct personality for each of the spaces – a narrative unfolds as you move through the house. We seek to abstain from too much unnecessary embellishment in this project, preferring to focus on the functional requirements and basic needs of the occupants.

Living/ dining areas - before

Plenty of light falls into this 6th storey unit through the roomy balcony, and we decided to ride on this advantage to make the living room feel light and lively. Most walls are deliberately kept white to reflect light during the day. A vibrant aqua blue flows from the walls and ceiling of the entrance right over part of the living/ dining area and into the lengthy bedroom corridor, seemingly bringing the sky from the exterior inside.

Entry/ living/ dining areas - after

Moving on to the bedroom, things get a little more 'exciting'. Oak timber strips artfully arranged on the doors of a storage cum TV cabinet - built over one side of the bay window opposite the bed - act as handle bars while providing a strong visual interest in the room. Shades of pale ivory and mauve with lustrous upholstery help create an inviting resting space.

Master suite - before

Master suite - after


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5 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

Anonymous said...

Nice blue color. It makes the place look vibrant!

Rezt n Relax said...

I specifically like the hallway to the living room/dining area. The aqua blue contrasts beautifully to the brown door. And the while interior design is just perfect and chic. Good for urban living. =)

liviu said...

If had 15 again I would choose to go to an art school. What you can make is impressive.

Ada Teicu said...

The living room is spectacular - love the blue walls and bright atmosphere:D I was wondering what blue is that?

barbiedarling said...

I like it.