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Mar 22, 2012


'Clutter' your home with objects of personal interest

It sounds totally insane to hear this coming from me, given the fact that I have always emphasized the importance of decluttering on this blog.

You might not have realized this, but a few vignettes - the knick knacks you love and wish to display in your home, like paintings, lamps and collectibles - can be as important as a sofa or a bed in your home. One will almost immediately realize the great improvement a corner or a table dedicated to displaying objects of personal interest can make to the overall environment inside a house. The key is to create that lived-in feel, in contrast to a show flat look, by showcasing your favorite items in a neat, organized manner.

And contrary to what you might be thinking, the art of displaying objects can be learned.

Be entertained at home

In my opinion, any home without music playing is like an empty soul. A completed home should intrigue all of our senses, rather than just looking good. The music you spin is totally your call, as long as you enjoy it.

In the past 2 to 3 years, we have seen a swathe of new technologies and devices emerge which is set to change the face of home entertainment forever. Digital audio and video formats have radically changed the way we listen to music or watch the latest Hollywood flicks, consigning drawers filled with CDs and DVDs to the proverbial scrap-heap (which is good news in our shrinking living spaces). In the not too distant future, a home media streamer connected to a network will become the norm in many homes. Enjoying your favorite music or movies streamed right out of your network storage has become a reality.

The importance of fragrance

Speaking of the senses, who can deny the appeal of a nice-smelling room? No matter how soft the bed sheets or how plush the sofa is, if the room has a displeasing odor, your enjoyment of the space will never be maximized.

With all the products on the market these days, it's not easy to decide what to use to make your room smell good, although there are plenty of good tips around online. A scent junkie will tell you various options like scented candles, essential oils etc. The medium is not important -what's important is the fragrance makes you feel refreshed and recharged.


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