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Apr 1, 2012


Designed for a family of four, this 3 bedroom apartment located at Waterfront Waves in Bedok Reservoir Road provided an opportunity for us to be a little more adventurous with patterns and materials. 
A key design influence was the partially open layout that meant the dry kitchen is situated along the entry passageway, offering us the option to turn the latter into a mini gallery. The openness of the space, coupled with the expansive floor-to-ceiling sliding doors to the balcony brought in ample daylight, which give us the confidence to explore the darker tones and 'busier' textures and patterns without fearing that it will overwhelm the space.
Stone gray, black and white, which will stand the test of time and work extremely well together, introduce a calm atmosphere into the living room. These tones also complement the existing white homogeneous tiles on the floor as well as the darker walnut browns on the internal doors and fittings. Fitted cabinetry surrounds the TV screen, to keep visual clutter to a minimum and control the color palette. A stone-clad wall at the dining area brings out the rustic feel of nature, as well as lending visual interest to the room.
A home becomes cohesive when there is visual flow from one room to the other. The minimalist design approach is carried into each room, with colors providing the visual contrast required when necessary. When one walks into each room, we want the viewer to think of a different adjective for each: joyful for the 2 girls' rooms and in the the master bedroom, restful. 
The latter has especially been designed to evoke a hotel suite setting. The use of a neutral color palette is a departure from the other rooms and creates a tranquil, private space. We wanted the owners to feel invigorated and refreshed, as if they are in a different part of the world inside here.


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leslietay said...

I say woah!

Anonymous said...

I luv tat stone wall!

red pill said...

Nice work. The window bays are efficiently and cleverly used.