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Apr 27, 2012


When it comes to giving a resale apartment a facelift, a complete renovation isn’t always on the home owner's mind. Instead, playing with the decor and dramatically changing the existing look of the house to suit the tastes and preferences of the occupants could do more wonders.
 Living/ Dining areas - after
 Living/ Dining areas - before

Captivated by the elegance of traditional French interiors, the owners of this apartment requested for a home which will evoke images of those beautiful Parisian rooms. The mission to me is clear - give the space character but don't overwhelm it. After all, this is still Singapore that we are talking about, ha!
Master bedroom - before
Master bedroom - after
Girl's room - before
 Girl's room - after

The trick is to venture beyond the traditional historic styles to explore the design elements that make up a 'livable', clean look - the Art Deco details, a monochromatic color palette based on silvers, blacks and ivories highlighted with a light medium robin egg blue, bold forms in furniture and fabrics, and restrained accessorizing. Storage is important in every household, and this is not neglected during the design process. A sleek white cabinet provides for the need for storing things away and displaying - selectively - the male owner's ever-growing wine collection, apart from its use as a media center. In the girl's bedroom, a lively mood is evident, what with the bright colors and fun graphics incorporated into the decor.

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7 comments: on "HOME REJUVENATED!"

Hammock lover said...

so chic & stylish with personality!
fantastic! :)

harry said...

Great chic space!

nautilus said...

The transformation is amazing!

ev dekorasyonu said...

very nice thanks for sharing

furnished apartments said...

awesome design, the white walls, furniture and decorative accessories increases the feeling of light and space.

winsorgabriella said...

Great job.. i was wondering those sleek and chic designs.

ciboy said...

u can try this for small family, on home minimalist type