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May 28, 2012


I'm always elated to hear that pricey stuff can be bought on the cheap. Oh wait, cheaper ought to be the word.
I know many of you are worried about the possibility of an economic slowdown down the road, but this time of the year is probably one of the best times to shop around in Singapore (Great, Singaporeans Sold!). And you certainly have now till the mid of July to consider grabbing those pricey designer pieces which you have been longing for at Space Furniture.

How can one not be sold by those stuff at Space Furniture? Every time I step foot into its new showroom at Bencoolen Street, the lavishly styled interior setting for each of the brands simply makes the furniture and lighting pieces look that much more sexy, beckoning me to reach for my wallet. Even pieces which I never really took a fancy to all along suddenly took on a more elegant front with the right lighting and some brilliant visual merchandising tricks - and there's no sale going on during those few times, mind you. But as you would have guessed, the sane part of me always stops me when it comes to hefty purchases.

Not that I have much space at home, or that many houses, to accommodate more furniture to begin with...

Back to the main story, there are seriously some bargains to be had during this sale. Just yesterday, I spotted display pieces from celebrated brands like Maxalto and B&B Italia going at very 'attractive' prices. And you bet there are takers. The latter brand is well-known for their sofas, and it's no wonder why it ought to be so. Their sofas are simply, if there is such a word to describe them, heavenly to sit on. 

And over at the Kartell section, which should be easier on the wallet, there are some great promotion bundles going on too. It's a pity I'm not a big fan of plastics. But lovers of design classics like Starck's Louis Ghost Chair or Arad's Bookworm shelving would rejoice.

I always urge people around me to visit Space Furniture whenever they have the time. Even if you don't buy anything, take it as a leisure trip to a design museum. I assure you'll enjoy yourself and start to appreciate the values of good design that much more.


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