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Jun 15, 2012


It's obvious people's lifestyles are changing radically today compared to a decade or two ago. Visit any new apartment nowadays and you'll find only a tiny corner (usually at the back of the house) designated for placing a washing machine to do your laundry. Not that I have any problem with that, but putting in a chunky piece of metal box into such a tight spot is often a choice made entirely out of compulsion.

No worries. We at Home Rejuvenation have spotted the trend of shrinking but stylish washing machines to fit our increasingly smaller living environment. Electrolux, a company known for their innovative products, introduced a sleek new washing machine called Shine that will fit in very small spaces. The unit can go under a counter or be mounted on the wall, and has a door that comes with integrated soft ambient lights that react to the washing cycle. A light ring shows both the phase and cycle of the machine when it is in operation.We really like it a lot.
Smeg's slim pink LBL16RO washing machine comes equipped with a LCD display, an integrated sink and many programmed wash cycles, making this an ideal component for small homes. The cute pink color could be a turn-off for some people though...
Baguni is a washing machine that integrates a detachable laundry basket cum washing drum.A laundry basket can be easily placed inside the washing machine and it serves as the washing machine drum. Once the washing process is done, the clean laundry can be detached from the washing machine along with the drum or the basket. This is indeed small, but we say it's strictly for someone staying alone and probably don't change his clothes on a daily basis, ha!
And just when we thought things couldn't get smaller, we were simply amazed by both the size, usability and flexibility new washing machine design concepts by students like Shang-Che Wu and Steven Lee. The former's pedal-powered cylinder has just one wash cycle and looks like a trash can more than a washing machine.Lee's I-woss, on the other hand is a compact washing machine with 2.5 Kg capacity. With its compact and ergonomic design, it is completely suitable for a small family. The use is simple enough with the help of touchscreen control and the inner basket can also be used as a laundry basket. Equipped with a pedal system, it does not require detergent to do the cleaning and hence is extremely environmentally friendly.
Of course, we understand these are all niche products to cater to the different market segments. However, we wouldn't be at all surprised if they become a common sight in our households one day in the near future. In the meantime, we'll just have to stick to our standard fare and make a trip down to an electronics store!


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Appliance repair Simi Valley said...

The washing machines are looking very nice and stylish. Even they can fit to small spaces. Electrolux has very innovative range of products and I hope they will soon hit the market.