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Jul 26, 2012


Do you like to bath? Or do you really like to take a shower?

You most probably think I'm sprouting gibberish here. Got you. I bet some of you didn't quite realize taking a bath and taking a shower are two completely different things.

For many Singaporeans who are always racing against time, the thought of taking a leisurely bath is simply out of the question. Barring holiday trips abroad, I doubt anyone has the mood and patience to really sit (sink in) through a proper bath. 

Well, that's provided you have a bathtub at home in the first place...

That's right. I can't really recall when did bathtubs lose out in favor of standing showers in many a Singaporean's house. Out of 10 remodeling jobs I handle, I can safely say that 9.9 of the clients go for the latter.

It's a nice thought to be able to soak in a nice, hot bath, no doubt. Bathtubs are also popular with kids as they look like pools. But the fact is, a lot of people despise having to clean bathtubs. They aren't that convenient to use, especially so for the elders in your family. And let's face it: waiting for the tub to fill is not an enjoyable task.

But if these bathtubs below are anything to go by, they prove that the combination of unique design sensibilities and functionality still make up for those minor disadvantages and do their fair share in providing for a truly stylish bathing experience.


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