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Jul 17, 2012


There is something so beautiful about the use of typography as a decorative element at home. Perhaps it's the ease in how it can be accepted by most people - after all we are all too familiar with images of alphabets and numbers. The typography used can be casual in nature to live with on a daily basis, or whimsical enough to steal a smile. A personal message or favorite verse - including the clich├ęd 'Home Sweet Home' - can be other options to consider.
I'm happy to see that typography has come a long way in interior decor and continue to make a strong statement in modern home design. And should you think that its use is only limited to the walls, you can't be more wrong. Creative typography is being used in a wide range of furnishings, serving to become natural conversation starters when visitors come by.

What about you? What does your home 'say' to you?


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