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Oct 21, 2012


Not everybody can connect with contemporary-style living. Some people like to incorporate a traditional look inside the spaces they live in. And this house in Neram Road is a good example where we pursue that belief: the design should show who the owner occupants are, not what the outside world wants. And at the right time, getting the owner to be as highly involved in the design and decoration process as the designer can reap tremendous results.
 Front porch - after
Living room - before
Living room - after
Entrance/ Hallway - before
Entrance/ Hallway - after
Living room powder room - after
1st storey bathroom - after
Kitchen - after
2nd storey prayer corner - after
In a nutshell, we wanted this house to evoke a villa-like feel. A major A+A (additionals and alterations) process carried out by an appointed architect meant that there is much free play in terms of space planning and layout - a huge advantage to us. There is much thought to ensure a greater net usable area, after taking account of the furniture, while leaving sufficient breathing space for the owner's prized possession of artwork to shine.

The use of classical elements creates a balance with the modern features of the fundamentally urban structure. Walking past the sprawling garden that leads to the open dining room at the back of the house, one enters a spacious living room, which has a lavishness that is offset by that balance of modernity. False timber beams created above the hallway draws one's eyes upwards and bring into focus an abstract painting by the late local artist Chua Ek Kay at the far end. Stucco walls created by a local craftsman envelope the living room TV area, exuding the charm of an Italian cottage. The selection of the furniture in the living room completes a look that strays away from the conventional modern design of most homes and is reminiscent of an age long past.
Library - after
Inside the quaint little library decorated with white paneled doors, one gets his or her own quiet time, indulging in the large collection of literary classics.
Master suite - after
Master suite bathroom - after
Bedroom 2 - after
Bedroom 2 bath - after
Of the five bedrooms in the house, the master suite has been designed to retain that classical theme the most. We used decorative plaster moldings to create a headboard feature to great effect, and custom built a TV cabinet which swivels around the room to allow viewing from both the lounge corner and on the bed. Ample wardrobe space has been provided for the owner couple. In contrast, the remaining bedrooms have a simpler touch, relying on cheerful colors and functional furniture pieces to complete a sweeter look for the children. 

The tiling in all the bathrooms is luxurious and tasteful, yet these spaces do not draw excessive attention to themselves. The idea is to provide a pleasant bathing experience which relaxes the mind and soothes the soul.


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