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Jun 13, 2013


You might think that you have maxed out your living spaces and decorated up every inch of unused space - including cavities and nooks that help to bring much order to the domestic chaos. But living in a country where the size of our homes are getting smaller by the day, every square foot salvaged is every square foot gained and enjoyed. So before you think you are done realising the full potential of your home, consider the below suggestions. Because in our books, there is really no such things as wasted space! 
Have a long corridor or entrance hall? Those can be the best ever spots inside the house you can have for a private gallery. A gallery comprised of your favourite portraits, photographs and canvases, that is. You have the option to hang the pictures or simply let them sit on the floor, propped against the walls. Choose simple, consistent framing for the pictures to achieve a contemporary gallery feel. black and white photographs work extremely well. Indeed, give these areas your best shots!
One of my favourite tricks to tame an awkwardly shaped room is to paint one of the walls (other than the awkward ones) in a bold colour. This method seemingly deceives the eyes to focus on the strong colour rather than the irregular walls. The colour contrast also serves to break up the regularity in a room, which - ironically enough - works to 'neutralise' the effect of those overbearing irregular walls. As they always say, "If you can't beat them, join them!" Before long, you will find that you have more walls to utilise and enjoy, rather than keep them as untouched and isolated as possible because "I don't want those awkward corners to look so obvious."

If your house comes with a staircase, consider turning it into a design feature itself. Bold wallpapers or art on the side walls, stair steps painted in bright hues, display areas for objects or stunning wall lights can all help turn staircase spaces - which seemingly serve no other functions than as circulation paths, into works of art. Forget practicality for once - use your imagination!

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