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Jul 14, 2013


Cars. The toys of big boys.

Or so we thought...

The notion of a car as just a mode of transportation - or for acting out the fantasies of many a male adults - is facing some serious rethinking. These days, cars are as common a sight in homes as they are on the roads or garages - or at least judging from the examples here. Whether being used as part of the decor showcase in its entirety or being reinvented as abstract functional and decorative pieces, those metal bodies are being creatively reinterpreted by designers, changing the ways we appreciate the vehicle. Call it cheesy if you will, but car decor has sure become a lucrative business for some, with one US company, The Interior Placeoffering a huge variety of decorative and functional products which car enthusiasts will enjoy having in their homes. 
Pretty or pretty weird? We have no answers, but the sexy curves and glossy finishes certainly draw the eyes.

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