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Aug 5, 2013


We received an email from Jonathan Brender, an artist born in Venezuela and who uses unique cultural and artistic background, along with his experience, vision and personality, to make his work exotic and unique.
Being brought up in Venezuela (with its unique cultural melting pot from native Venezuelans and Europeans), Jonathan started drawing comics, cars, boats, anything he felt in his blocks, until he moved on to study ceramics and sculpture. Feeling the need to expand his knowledge, culture and skills, he moved to the United States to pursue the art of canvas painting with a unique modern style. This is when his career took off and he envisioned a fresh, never before seen style. 
"Each of my paintings is hand-made with no software or printers," says Brender. "Each piece is one of a kind - containing tens of thousands of different color oil points per each square meter." For this new goal, Brender moved to Israel after perfecting his skills for three years in the US. Once in the 'Holy Land', he learned and developed the 'millennium art' of wood work and carpentry. 

He successfully made four exhibitions, including one at the Art Basel Week. Some of his work can be seen at the Venezuelan embassy in Israel, prestigious five stars hotels in Venezuela, and some private collections around the world. 


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