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Aug 5, 2013


It amazes me sometimes how many home owners don't have collections of anything inside their homes. We are talking about travel memorabilia, art, pottery, collectibles - anything that is worth amassing and displaying - here. Many people spend a lot of money on their home décor, but jus don't spend (enough) on these accessories, which are often so crucial to personalising their homes. After all, these are the objects that will offer insight about the occupants' likings and tastes, and make them feel at ease within the space. Sadly, for a lot of home owners, this is just not top priority.
I always feel think that 'collectors' have their personal inward appreciation of beauty. They are not just trying to show you tangible symbols of wealth, such as cars or fashion - art and collectibles are less in your face about money. When someone reaches a certain age, the things he or she picks up along the growing years speak volumes about that person's appreciation for the finer - and favourite - things in life. Is there anybody on this earth who has never ever been moved or attracted to a piece of artwork or ornament? I really doubt so.
So, do you collect?


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