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Dec 12, 2013


There is a certain stigma with IKEA furniture, right or wrong? A large portion of the catalogue looks, well, inexpensive and the quality of the products just leaves much room for improvement. I cannot exactly remember the number of bookshelves and cabinets I've seen which have warped so badly just after 1-2 years of usage.

Also, another major issue with the Swedish company's products is that these are available in large quantity easily to anyone at a low price point. Unless you are one who conforms to the idea of standardisation, we bet you wouldn't be too pleased to know that your neighbour next door might have just purchased the same sideboard you bought two years back.

Negativities aside, the products are very versatile - in fact so much so that 'hackers' swear by them. One doesn't really lose too much by risking a brand new IKEA piece to a stroke of ingenuity occasionally. That's for sure...

Now one company has brought the idea further. With little work (definitely less than what it takes to assemble or hack many IKEA pieces) you can add a splash of color, dynamic geometry, hardware or decor to your existing pieces to get around the easily-recognisable 'IKEA look'. With Superfront's fun add-ons, the possibility to create bespoke cabinetry with no technical and design knowledge suddenly becomes very real.


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Anonymous said...

Whatever I have heard about IKEA furniture is they are really very nice and awesome.