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Jan 10, 2014


You hear people say 'I want a timeless design for my home' a lot, don't you? But we all also know how easy it is for a house owner to be overtaken by impulsive design whims that are often accompanied by purchases that rapidly fall out of style. After all, buying what you like will mean the look won't fall out of favour that quickly, no?
After all these years, I am still trying to grasp the very meaning that is timelessness. This means the overall design can stand the test of time and look just as current tomorrow as it is today, with a feel of sophistication that integrates beautiful materials in a thoughtful environment. That elusive quality is what our studio always try to create in our work.

Here's our rather humble take on it:
 - A timeless design for any one home owner is often subjective, but there is no denying that it is deeply rooted in function and problem-solving, incorporating a personal and customised approach to a design problem. Do it once and do it right.
- Simplicity, comfort and style are some of the timeless qualities that transgress time amidst an ever changing and often trend based market. Well-conceived interior schemes which incorporate elements of classic yet sophisticated styling will always work out well. Make a trip to the book store or library and look at how the masters do it!

 - Wherever possible, use natural materials like stone, fine woods, and marbles to convey a sense of permanence and everlasting beauty.
- A timeless design can be contemporary, modern, traditional or eclectic so long as it is done with quality details and thoughtful choices. For instance, pick out key elements that assist in achieving the style that you desire. If it is a cosy, inviting living room that you want to create then emulate this aspect by finding good quality pieces, such as a textured rug, a character timber nightstand or even an oversized armchair to achieve this feel. This will provide a focal point to the space in contrast to cost-effective items that are more temporary.

- Use your knowledge and personal likings when it comes to selecting colours and furnishings. 'Colour Of The Year' shouldn't have a place in a timeless home.


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