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Simei Street 3 Namly Place New Market Road Tampines Ave 1 Neram Road Depot Road Seletar Green View

May 2, 2014


Creating a tranquil, relaxing home environment is an ideal way to relieve the stresses of a busy lifestyle. And one of the most effective ways to achieve this is with a sleek, uncluttered interior. 
In this project, the interior is intended to be clean-lined and minimal, inspired by the client's love of contemporary design and their notion of a very pure and simple space to create calm within.
Limiting the number of different materials help enhance the sense of space. White forms the foundation upon which other neutral tones play off each other. At the same time, a safe way to create a design aesthetic that can grow with time is to punch a space up with colour - any colour. In this case, every room is soaked in either a soft off-white, light silver or turqoise which on its own, doesn't bring much interest to the spaces. Adding unexpected tones of ocean blue, sunny yellow and cobalt creates a pleasant twist.

Built-in cabinetry throughout the house maintains a white, glossy finish. In keeping with the streamlined, minimal aesthetic, there are no handles on all furniture. The golden teak timber beams which run up and above the living room house messy cables at the entertainment console while functioning as light holders overhead.
In the master suite, the rear wall of the headboard features a wallpaper of painterly florals which adds an oriental touch. But the gloss of the materials and the minimalist detailing ensure the bedroom retains a contemporary
Lighting is also a key part of the spatial solution in this project. A mix of indirect and intensive spotlighting balances the natural light, and provides a changing ambience by day and night.

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