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May 13, 2014


It is everybody's dream to return to a relaxed and calm environment after a hard day at work. A harmonious and well-organized plan hence becomes key to achieving order in the home.
Like many of our projects in the past, we wanted to see how far can a light-handed approach in this commission can contribute to an equally interesting look compared to using an arsenal of visually-arresting materials. As usual, we kept to a simple palette of colours, materials and textures to create a peaceful and spacious atmosphere.
Simple and neutral tones comprising mainly beiges and browns co-exist with textured white brick tiles and motif wall covering to offer contrast and contribute to an interesting look. Bright tones brought into the rooms give them a cheery vibe.
Simplicity also permeates the bedrooms. We seek to tell the story of a small close-bonded family which shares that one belief through the décor - that elegance can be attained 'quietly'. In the master bedroom, the colours are cooler but by no means cold - the introduction of wood elements and various soft touches provide the warmth that is needed. Coupled with the ability to dim down the lighting and the presence of light colours, this all creates a truly private, stylish space.
In the two other rooms, which function as the son's bedroom and a study (cum music listening room for the master of the household) respectively, storage and organization are integral. The solution is to offer plenty of closed cabinetry for books, clothes etc. With the needs of the occupants of these rooms in mind, we created two very functional yet chic looking rooms to meet those requirements.

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