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May 28, 2014


We are pleased to announce the completion of our very first, a residential interiors showroom with a twist. Be it the tunes one streams on a music system, the art which are hung on the walls, the smell of the room fragrance or the beddings one sleeps on, the galleria – dressed up to mimic a one-bedder apartment - serves as an outlet for home owners to envisage their ideal lifestyle.
With this design, we crafted what we termed an 'urban-style interiors' to capture the essence of city life and encompass the modern day little indulgences or luxuries. The look can be gritty and raw on one end, but yet highly polished and sophisticated at the same time. It should be sensual, allowing the occupant - imagined to be a well-travelled city-dweller with good tastes - to truly enjoy himself or herself in a high-tech environment which is also highly personalised. In short, it is one which brings together the aesthetics of the different cultures, achieving much of a ‘global’ feel to it.

We are currently working with (and are also actively seeking out) respectable lifestyle brands and up-and-coming artists to collaborate via product placements in the mock-up home setting to allow consumers to have a better idea of how various interior products work together in a home. The 'collaborators' which have lent their support to us so far in the creation of the galleria are as follows:
EDL for high quality laminate products (
Dulux Singapore for paint products (
OM for furniture (
Hafary for all tile products (
Wood Culture for high-grade laminate wood flooring (
Lian Hin for counter worktops (
Bedding Affairs for beautiful yet affordable beddings (
Xessex for imported wallcoverings (


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s.lau said...

Nice and cozy.